Renault Malawi

Madzi saiwala khwawa’  – “Water does not forget its course! Having plied the roads of Malawi before in the 1980’s, under the dealership of Stansfield Motors Limited (SML), the Renault brand returns to a place it once called home.     
Stansfield Motors Limited has been officially appointed by Salvador Caetano Group as the dealer of Renault in Malawi. The company is proud and excited to be associated with Renault once again, being one of the key players in the vehicle industry globally and now Malawi. The company is ready to provide superior and excellent service around this brand having prior training and expertise in selling and provision after-sales services.     
The partnership with Salvador Caetano Group is of great strategic advantage and importance to Stansfield Motors for several reasons one being that the group operates in over 7 African countries and understands African markets better. Secondly, the group offers strong support from centralized cross services which ensures implementation of best practices, lean processes, synergies in logistics, finance, training, IT as well as supporting local operations for Renault.     
Salvador Caetano Group is a Portuguese group operating internationally in the motor industry. Its first and main activity is automotive distribution and retail, however other activities such as bus construction, industrial equipment sales, auto after-sales services and IT development are also expertise fields of this group. It has always had a pioneering philosophy in all its sectors.

With more than six decades of activity, the Group continues to widen its horizons. Since its beginning, Salvador Caetano Group has set foot in numerous markets like Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Cape Verde, Angola, Kenya, Mozambique, China and others. Its ambition and hard-work will surely become the key for attaining the growth needed to become an established institution that firmly keeps up with the demanding corporate environment of the 21st century.

Salvador Caetano builds our future.